REVIEW 2: Dark Nebula 2 (iPhone £1.19)

Its a ball, it rolls, it stops. Of course there is more to it than that
Such as obstacles and various power ups and enemies. It has a flavour of monkey ball and elements of a clever pinball table which keep what could be a very repetetive game fresh. Ive played may examples of this kind of game and this is certainly one of the smoothist and cleanest moving of the genre. Great
Amiga style sci fi graphics (think bitmap bros games and classics like xenon 2 and alien breed) highly detailed and with
A great parralax multi level background. I would highly recommend this game as a darker, moodyer super monkey ball and i squarely aim my reccomendation to seasoned players of that wonderful game.

(9/10) a casual, well designed roller puzzle that promotes a constantly satisfying level of devotion.
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