Pro adult games...no not that sort the other!

I like a good head twist now and again and apps like zen bound and rolando give the ole noggin a good run for its grey coloured matter. I will however admit to major defeat at the hands of the mighty Portal on the X360. The best games you may assume should challenge and entertain in equal measures but some get the balance very very wrong......and for some reason there amazing because of it. Ikaruga was the one that really broke me and that was in direct evolution from a good three year solid addiction to LightForce on the speccy (fucking amazing vert shooter from back in '86). My point is these games become a chore you love to hate, a prison sentence you dont mind serving, they are a punishment of repetition and encourage that gambling like 'just one more go' grip that holds until completion or ruin. And i love it. Pleasure/pain theory at its best (or worst depending how you look at it!).
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