REVIEW 3: Gears (iPhone) 59p

Welcome back Marble Madness

The NES was a humble but keen grey box that i never owned but managed to play on an awful lot at friends houses. Two games stood out a mile for me as being personal jealousy magnets, Solar Jet man(a difficult as fuck but bloody brilliant Gravitar/Moon Lander clone) and the other was the best arcade conversion of marble madness i’ve yet to play. Bold design, genius puzzles and a great soundtrack…..everything Gears has got, as this is a spiritual sequel that does everything right that other imitators failed to do. mainly the controls. this is smooth as silk to play and has a controversial (genre purists on the app store….) ‘gesture roll’ controller scheme that i totally love.
In summary this is an outstanding 27 level puzzle fest that anyone with a high level of patience and low blood pressure should seek out. and its 59p. which is beyond good value for this!.
A puzzler of true greatness, welcome back to the madness of marble rolling……

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