REVIEW 1 : Pew Pew (Android: £free)

Pow......zap.......booooommm......pew......pew pew.
I love these kinds of sounds, so i was pleased to give
this simple but highly polished indie blaster a go.
Played Geometry wars? If your hair has been aware
of Just For Men colour treatment then maybe you
remember games on Vectrex? Well Retro is the
flavour here in visuals and gameplay.

Its a top down, dual thumb shooter that is worth
playing for how smooth the virtual stick controls
operate. Along with quality wireframe vector style
and subtle use of 3D on the boundry walls,
presentation, like the classic Vectrex console is
sparse but clever.

Gameplay is mostly set out as play till you die rounds
with geometry wars style rules that limit or expand
your objectives. All in all its an awesome free blast
of retro glory and im glad to say the first app game to
get my top tier Super Horse 5 star award. Roll on
pew pew two.......

SUMMARY: masterful and minimal silk smooth shooter
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