The key to jealousy

John lennon claimed to be 'Just a jealous guy' as did brian
ferry. Im sure both brian and john would have little
interest in the fortunes of app developers but im also sure
other musicians took a pop from time to time at the
success of those music legends so they would understand
the issue.

If you dont make a hit your a failure and if you strike it
lucky your a sell out....thats very simplistic but its often
the only things people talk/moan/bitch about. Four times
this week i have heard games like Angry Birds and
Doodle Jump being blasted for reasons of selling out.

Sure the angry birds board game is out soon and they
could well make a shitty kids movie starring maybe
Jack Black as the red one and chuckle monster Ricky
Gervais as a pig (mmmm that may actually work....!)
But i say let them have there glory and fame, it is after
all a simple but super polished flash physics game and
not some super gears of halo death AAA beast.

You cant stop the pop cause the pop dont stop, same
goes for any quick success. If you dont like it, shut the
hell up and make something better.
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