The sound of music used to be heard only in european valleys. Fact. Now its bloody everywhere, jamming up the ears of everyday folk with rnb folkabilly rock step. What a creaky old bastard i sound like. So in less dramatic tone i shall explain a curious and increasingly ignored art called game soundtracks.

I recently joined the 30 club and its a year in my life for reflection before responsibility. So as the rabid muso that i once was as a teenager gives way to the Absolute 80s listening, Brian Eno fan i am currently, i also ponder on the unique wonders of game music.

I can remember my jaw hitting the floor apon hearing Turrican 2 title music burst from my mates Amiga,after years of single tone abuse from the zx spectrums terrible sound chip. Jealous of all C64 owners for similar reasons.
Now we have a situation Where many people do not ever hear an app games soundtrack due to the nature of having to keep your machine silent in public places.

People have to create those soundtracks, so next time you boot up your favorite app game, stick some headphones on and check out the goods. It may piss you off but it also may enhance the game far more than you expected it too.

I raise a glass to the game music creators of the world with this list of some of my favorite game soundtracks

Plok - Snes
Secret of Monkey Island - all formats including some toasters
Turrican 2 - Amiga
Mario games - catchy as fuck
Speedball 2 - the amiga was a haven for sweet soundtracks!
Cannon Fodder - Amiga
Resident evil 4 - GameCube

Comment me your soundtrack gems........

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