Commute dispute

Sitting blurry eyed on an early train to the Suffolk
borderlands, i see a creature stare back at me.

I shall call him derek.

Derek looks glum as his big eye catches my attention. Then it strikes me.....why the hell am i staring at the
back of the seat, and why you the reader would give a shit. Well... i could at this point, mid journey be reading a book, eating snacks or playing with a new phone app. But im not.

So i can only conclude that early train journeys need a brain easy, non taxing app thats fun enough to hold my attention but simple in its control and objectives..... angry birds i hear you cry..... still to much for me before 8am.

Its like reading the cereal pack box or a magazine in the bog, there should be apps made for these brain waking times. Answers on a postcard (well the virtual version being the comments box)
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