A Square debate

Is Square Enix right to sell there wares on app store at far higher prices than other publishers?.... Do the classic status of the games deserve that return of payment. Yes.

As somebody pointed out in the comments for Final Fantasy Tactics, your paying less for an upgraded (which is the key word here) version of a full retail priced PSP game. Ditto for FF3 remake.

Ten quid for console games used to be a discount, I bet the same people complaining went out and bought a full price console game with out a second thought to it's value. But wait i here you say, console games have more content than apps do........ No.....App prices have been pushed low enough, Squares RPG iOS games give you 30+ hours of gameplay which is close to ten times that of most apps...... The ten quid price tag then makes total and valid sense.

P.s anyone remember how expensive Secret of Mana ALWAYS was on the SNES..... I rest my case.

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