Into dust we trust.......

Note to the oh so lovely world of Advertising people.....STOP FUCKING USING MAZZY STAR'S INTO DUST!!! You cretinous, soul deprived, emotionally starved creativity voids.....aaaannnnd relax..... Seriously I bet u were soaking wet clammy with joy at the total 'genius' of tagging it onto the Advert teenage boys gunplay favorite Gears Of War 3.

I tell you this, why the fuck would I want a song so rooted in life and so subtle in its nature tacked on to a dumb ass war game's death filled originality black hole. Yes I do see the point, I do unterstand the oh so cleaver jux'ing job you did...but as the reviews for the game have picked up on, it's no good just shoehorning emotional content into a game built on explosion filled set pieces. The whole bromance angle in it is really half arsed. Half life 2 managed to do it properly, not to mention Fallout 3's use of period tracks in hopelessness filled landscapes (amazingly effective it was too!). Even gorefest games like Resi 4 had a brilliant use of strangly beautiful ambient mood music in places of rest between the intense action.

Imagine Brian Eno subtle soundtracking the A-Team or bloody Enya warbling over Danny Dyers Stupidist Criminal Face Plants.

Just No.

There is a saying which I don't think gets used much these days.....

'Is nothing sacred anymore?'

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