Hidden Bonus

We all like extras, freebies etc..... But what about when a certain game or app gives us something way more than even the actual developers never intended. I spoke recently in a blog previous about the joy of Monkey Ball. Now this is a perfect case in point. Monkey Ball has bonus multiplayer games and somehow, through either genius or fluke (i'd say the former..) the fabled 'Monkey Flight' is possibly the finest example of 'finesse' gameplay ever made. Roll monkey filled ball down ski slope, fling off it and split the ball in two to form parachute wings, float to glory onto targeted ground or if an old pro, the floating barrels! It's that simple and played over three different levels!

But here is the clever bit....

You can learn these levels till fully memorised, targets, barrels, bananas...etc. Its possible to be very strategic in a gambling sense as to how far you dare to score. Go for the hard to reach barrels on the easy level, hold back a bit and at least score a little less on the targets when on the harder levels. Doing this saves dropping in the water just next to the tiny barrels as this gives no score (and a slightly creepy animation of your monkey sinking to the abyss). I could babel on about the other dozen or so fine tactical points to the game but its clear that it delivers way more than a bonus game should. A BONUS GAME. The main game is awesome in itself but get a few friends round and watch the hours fly by at the mercy of the mighty 'Flight'!!! I've met many people whoo agree about this and swapped tales f daring feats of skill and all barrel score fests. I bow to the greatness of Sega in giving the player much more than intended. Thankyou.

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