Review: Six Guns (Freemium, iOS)

Top flight presentation
Clever controls
Large play area
Day/night & living/dead enemies

Glitchy Zones in play area.
Strange overpowered Grizzly
Bears that are unfair and placed
To remind players to spend
money on upgrades.... Mmmm.


A bold attempt at open world play in Gameloft's usual 'photocopy' style of game development. Its clearly Red Dead Redemption with an extra evil dead mechanic to keep the lawyers at bay.

The pin sharp presentation is nearly enough to forgive all the plagiarism, but incredibly naggy Freemium reminders take the shine off what is a good, solid console style experience.

Saddle up with caution, but do take it for a ride, as you may just end up playing for the shear spectacle of it all. (7/10)

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