Review: Justin Smith: Realistic Summer Games (free+iap iOS)

Ridiculous premise that is worth the weirdness!
Brilliant/terrible graphics.
The funniest physics ever made!

Serious players look elsewhere this is
As much an idea brought to life as a pure game.
Brilliant/terrible controls depending on your preference to quirkiness....

Justin 'Enviro Bear' Smith is nuts and that is what makes this as good as a really great comedy sketch and as fun as u hoped a shambling 'intentional' mess of a game could be.

Terrible but stupid funny pixel art with the most 'unrealistic' physics make for a puzzle game about wrestling with the bonkers controls. The satisfaction of keeping the naked guy on the horse or the poor non stop canoe guy from paddling himself off the boat is priceless.
You've done it again Justin, another beautifully shambolic masterpiece. Roll on the next one! (8/10)

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