REVIEW 4 : Zeds Alchemy (free, multi format)

Fire and land =
Water and frog =
Tactics and cleaverness = a damn good game that's properly addictive (and not 'addicting' which is an truly annoying and shit term used by designer idiots and social media dicks...)

A game of combination of elements, objects and creatures in sometimes abstract but always satisfying ways.

The main word there is 'satisfying'.... the game can be dipped into just to test something or head scratched over for hours.

My girlfriend loves it and I caught myself smiling a lot at her joy of finding new things she had made. The graphics are super basic but had consistant iconography and the interface is quick and functional. About 380 odd combinations in all and I'm only a third of the way there..... Like a good book you hope this one won't end.

(8/10) verdict for this fine app from mr Zed.
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  1. My hubby is also now addicted - cheers app horse!